Streply Hardwood Plywood

Streply® is a range of high quality commercial plywood, manufactured by the South House Woods Group in Eastern China. Streply® is offered exclusively in the UK by Falcon Panel Products and is ideal for a variety of joinery and constructional applications.

We offer three standard ranges; Premium, Select and Prime FSC, all backed by a robust audit process to ensure compliance with European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) and the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Standard Ranges

Streply® B/BB Premium Plywood

Our Streply® Premium product range combines a 100% hardwood throughout core with attractive single piece red Pencil Cedar face veneers. Streply® Premium is particularly appreciated by joinery and specialist end-user customers who cut the product, due to the high-quality core construction, as well as those who like attractive and consistent single piece surface veneers. Premium is offered in both 2440 x 1220 and 3050 x 1525/1220 options. Many of our joinery customers buy both standard and oversize Streply® products to suit their cut size machining requirements, knowing that they can rely on the high-quality core construction common to both ranges.

Streply® B/BB Select Plywood

Streply® Select is a recent addition to our product range, aimed squarely at the merchant sector. Select offers the same red Pencil Cedar faces and intermediate glue line as the Premium product, but with a lighter weight hardwood core.

Streply® B/BB Prime FSC® Certified Plywood

For customers requiring the additional reassurance of full Chain of Custody (COC) environmental certification in addition to mandatory EUTR compliance we offer our 100% FSC® StrePly Prime range. Manufactured using certified hardwood core sections and with attractive plantation sourced certified red hardwood B/BB surface veneers, Prime is the perfect choice when full COC certification is required.

Speciality Ranges

Streply® Film and Hexa faced plywood

Our film and Hexa faced plywood products are offered with a black (and Grey on Hexa) phenol face on hardwood throughout exterior bonded plywood cores.

The smooth film faced product is suitable for formwork applications, whilst the 'Hexa' pattern non-slip one side product is used for a wide variety of flooring applications including staging, the transport industry and walkways.

Metric Streply®

We also offer our standard 5.5mm Streply® in a metric 2400 x 1200 board size.

Other speciality products are available on request.


Streply® product Specification

Bond Class: EN314-2, Class 2 
Emission Standard EN717-2 E1 Release of Formaldehyde 
Plywood Specifications: EN636: 2003, Class 2 
Production Tolerances: to BS EN 315