Strebord P6 & P5 (MR) Core

Strebord 38mm Mezzanine Decking is available as a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant chipboard core. Strebord is the No.1 choice in the vast majority of installations in the UK and abroad.

Strebord P6 Standard

Standard board for load bearing floors in dry conditions. Strebord P6 features a unique T&G profile and is suitable for most storage applications. Consistency of quality and specification from board to board ensures straightforward installation, a neat, professional finish and high user satisfaction.

Strebord P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant

Moisture Resistant board for load bearing floors in humid conditions. Strebord P5 is a moisture resistant (MR) chipboard panel for use in humid conditions. Featuring a unique T&G profile, it is manufactured to meet growing industry demand for a board that can cope with damp or hostile environments.

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