Strebord P6 & P5 (MR) Core

Strebord® 38mm Mezzanine Decking is available as a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant chipboard core. Strebord® is the No.1 choice in the vast majority of installations in the UK and abroad.

Strebord P6 Standard Core

Featuring a specially engineered T&G 2LE profile, Strebord® P6 is suitable for service class 1 applications. Strebord® P6 is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 312-6:2010 (P6) Particleboard-Specifications: ‘Requirements for heavy duty load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions’. Consistency of quality and specification from board to board ensures straightforward installation, a neat, professional finish and high user satisfaction.

Strebord P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant Core

Manufactured to meet growing industry demand for a board suitable for service class 2 environments. Strebord® P5 (MR) is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 312- 5:2010 (P5) Particleboard-Specifications: ‘Requirements for load bearing boards for use in humid conditions’. Strebord® P5 (MR) features an engineered T&G 2LE profile, designed for strength and ease of fit.

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