Their fully engineered boards are PEFC certified, giving you the assurance that Lion Boards™ come from fully sustainable sources. They carry the highly valued M1 certificate, proving that LION Boards™ have low chemical emissions when used in building interiors, and helping to improve indoor air quality. With zero added formaldehyde, LION Boards™ are one of the safest panel products to work with – and to live with.

LION Boards™ can often be reused or recycled if required, and as it is produced from natural products, it is biodegradable,  and can be burnt without releasing any toxic fumes

LION General™

Lion General™ is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 4.8mm and 6.0mm and like other LION products, in a wide variety of board sizes. It is a general purpose board and commonly used for all types of temporary structures and within the packaging and joinery sectors. You can choose from the standard 4’x’2’ and 8’ x 4’ board sizes, but LION General™ is also available to order in easy to handle 4’x’3’ and 6’x 4’ for those smaller jobs and in 9’x’4’ and 10’x 4’ for those larger contracts.

LION Floor™

LION Floor™ is available in 4.8mm and 6.0mm thicknesses and in a large variety of board sizes, enabling you to choose the best board size for your job. 

LION Floor™ is also available pre-conditioned, as mentioned in BS8203:2017 and the CFA Guide to Contract Flooring, and are easily available throughout the UK from any Falcon Panel Products Ltd branch. It is an excellent board to be used as a fabricated underlay for resilient floors on top of our 38mm industrial flooring for commercial applications or on our domestic chipboard flooring.

LION Protect™

LION Protect™ is available in thicknesses from 2mm and for those very heavy duty jobs, 4.8mm and 6.0mm is also available. LION Protect™ is available in a large variety of board sizes, enabling you to choose the best board size for your job, although the standard size is 2745 x 1220. Due to the mesh pattern, LION Protect™ offers improved anti-slip properties, and it’s very high density ensures that the floor has superior protection against impact damage. LION Protect™ can be reused or recycled if required, and as it is produced from natural products, it is biodegradable, can be burnt without releasing any toxic fumes.

LION Protect™ is predominantly used in the temporary protection sector, due to its very high density, and excellent impact protection, so is used on construction sites as well as protecting finished floors. LION Protect™ is also extensively used within the packaging sector, where 2.5mm and 2.7mm thicknesses are often used

LION HD Panel Board™

LION HD Panel Board™ has a white painted surface, which gives spaces a clean, bright, and roomy look. LION HD Panel Board™ is highly suitable for the internal lining of agricultural buildings, hoardings, shopfitting, site protection and general building work.

For improved moisture resistance of the boards they have been oil tempered and all boards are edged sealed on all 4 sides. Lion HD Panel Board™ is available in an unlimited selection of plain colours, subject to quantity.

Lion Boards™ are available in board sizes 2745mm x 1200mm and standardly available in 6.0mm thickness, although other thicknesses are possible.


We can also offer the following products from the Lion range

LION Perforated™

LION Furniture Painted™

LION Oil Tempered™