Sveza Birch Plywood

SVEZA is a modern, fast-growing group of companies currently having 6 mills making them the market leaders in Birch Plywood. Falcon is proud to be an authorised distributor of SVEZA Plywood.

With a wide range of thicknesses, sizes and grades they have a product suitable for nearly every application.

SVEZA is committed to responsible use of forest resources and their products are available as FSC®.

SVEZA Products

SVEZA Interior Birch Plywood:
Ideal for interior use. Available in formats: 5×5
SVEZA Exterior Birch Plywood:
Can be used in both interior and exterior work. Available in: 5×5, 4×8, 8×4, 5×10 + custom and cut-to-size
SVEZA Film Faced Birch Plywood:
Covered with special wear-resistant material. Available in: 4×8, 8×4, 5×10. 100% birch or birch+aspen combination

SVEZA Branded Products

Birch hardwood plywood with ultraviolet coating
SVEZA Titan 
Extra wear-resistance and anti-slip properties for flooring in commercial vehicles
SVEZA Color:  
Film faced colored birch plywood ready for use
100% birch plywood for toys and childhood furniture production

SVEZA Deck 350: 
Special slab formwork plywood with a grid pattern
SVEZA Laser: 
Cutting edge plywood for die cutting
SVEZA Paint: 
Plywood with ready-to-paint surface suitable for exterior and interior use
SVEZA Parquet: 
Extra strong plywood for the engineered flooring production
SVEZA Drawer: 
100% birch plywood ready for furniture components production
SVEZA Gas NO96: 
Birch plywood specially designed for LNG carriers


SVEZA Ust-Izhora
Founded: 1910.      Annual plywood production capacity: 100,000m3
Producing: 1220x2440mm (Exterior, Film Faced), 1525x3050mm (Exterior, Film Faced)
SVEZA Kostroma
Founded: 1913.       Annual plywood production capacity: 250,000m3
Producing: 1525x1525mm (Interior), 1220x2440x1220mm (Exterior, Film Faced)
SVEZA Novator
Founded: 1906.       Annual plywood production capacity: 130,000m3
Producing: 1525x1525mm (Interior), 1220x2440 (Exterior, Film Faced), 1525x3050mm (Exterior, Film Faced)
SVEZA Uralskiy
Founded: 1956.       Annual plywood production capacity: 210,000m3
Producing: 1220x2440x1220mm (Exterior, Film Faced)
SVEZA Manturovo
Founded: 1915.       Annual plywood production capacity: 100,000m3
Producing: 1525x1525mm (Interior), 1220x2440x1220mm (Exterior)
SVEZA Verhnaya Sinyachiha
Founded: 1972.       Annual plywood production capacity: 180,000m3
Producing: 1525x1525mm (Interior, Exterior), 2440x1220mm (Exterior, Film Faced), 2440x1525mm (Exterior, Film Faced)